What is ReadyCert?

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Get to know ReadyCert

The EHR team developed ReadyCert to answer the call from State Medicaid Agencies (SMA) and vendors for a MITA-aligned tool for the SOA world Medicaid lives in today. ReadyCert makes it easy to link MITA and certification attributes to business, technical and information architectural components. The tool supports all CMS certification milestones, beginning with the State Self-Assessment and continuing through the CMS certification visit.

What makes ReadyCert different?

  • It is completely centered around MITA business processes and the Standards and Conditions.
  • It puts all information, evidence and artifacts in a single place, purpose-built for MITA and the Seven Standards and Conditions.
  • It integrates with standard office automation tools, including the MS Office suite, MS Project and SharePoint.
  • It recognizes the new normal, like SOA, plug and play Medicaid solutions and Analyze, Configure and Deploy.
  • It is equally relevant and valuable for state Medicaid agencies, IV&V contractors and Medicaid vendors.

What do you want to do today?

  • Perform State Self-Assessment
  • Develop RFP/RTM/MECT Checklist
  • Write Vendor Proposal
  • Score Vendor Proposals
  • Track Medicaid Solution Deployment
  • Prepare for Certification

ReadyCert is populated with MITA, MECT, Standards and Conditions attributes, including capability matracies As-is and To-be values. Users click and complete the MITA-defined entry, attach artifacts and evidence and collaborate to define the current footprint and future blueprint.