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In addition to original content about ReadyCert, a revolutionary new software program which portends to save hundreds of thousands of man-hours of work, this wiki contains information originally developed by the CMS, a Federal Administrative Agency in the United States of America, (hereafter "The Information").

The information was obtained freely on the CMS website and is often copied verbatim, blatantly, so as not to distill or otherwise misconstrue the ideas, information and prose purposefully written by CMS scribes. The information here is merely a new way to represent the information contained in the CMS original documents.

Readers of this wiki who seek information about the Medicaid Enterprise, MITA, CMS or any other government affairs should seek guidance from the CMS original documents. Official CMS information contained on this wiki should not be quoted, wholly or in part, as being original, authentic or official CMS information because the information was merely sourced from the original content. To quote, wholly or in part, original, authentic, and official CMS information, one should consult the CMS original, authentic and official documentation, as referenced on each and every page it is used on this wiki. [1]

EHR and Readycert intend to comply and cooperate with any official CMS requests. Official requests should be sent to the administrator of this website.


  1. http://medicaid.gov/Medicaid-CHIP-Program-Information/By-Topics/Data-and-Systems/MITA/Medicaid-Information-Technology-Architecture-MITA-30.html