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MEECL 1.0.jpg MEECL 1.0

Medicaid Eligibility & Enrollment Toolkit

CMS is dedicated to keeping current with federal regulations and Medicaid priorities and will continue to publish updated versions of the Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment Toolkit (MEET) to reflect key changes. This toolkit was created to provide additional technical assistance to the states and their vendor partners in the development and implementation of their Eligibility and Enrollment systems.

CMS developed the Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment Toolkit (MEET) in 2017 to assist states as they work to streamline and modernize their Eligibility and Enrollment (E&E) systems. CMS continues to focus on the goal of helping states to be successful in their implementations and to reduce project delays and costs.

A cornerstone of the new toolkit is the Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment Life Cycle (MEELC). MEELC is flexible, fitting various state approaches and system development life cycles, e.g. Agile, Waterfall, etc. The MEELC and toolkit checklists ensure alignment with the latest federal regulations and guidance, Medicaid Information Technology and Architecture (MITA) and the standards and conditions for Medicaid IT.

MEET describes the key roles in the MEELC, provides tools for the states to use, and presents an end-to-end view of CMS’s process to review the Medicaid E&E business functions and supporting systems being developed by states.

CMS Release Notes

File Name Description
01 MEET Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment Life Cycle Gives detailed information about the new Medicaid Eligibility and Enrollment Life Cycle (MEELC), including:

• A description of how the MEELC accommodates agile and waterfall approaches, outsourcing, and modular development • An explanation of roles and responsibilities of the state, of CMS, and of the independent verification and validation (IV&V) contractor • A detailed description of each milestone review and activity in the MEELC • How to prepare for a milestone review • An explanation of how states that have already begun an upgrade/replacement project can transition to the new MEELC

02 MEET Appendix A_MEELC and At a Glance Sheets Contains a workflow diagram of the MEELC. When clicked, each activity box on the workflow diagram leads to an At-a-Glance Sheet that summarizes what the activity entails.
03 MEET Appendix B_Artifacts List A table of artifacts/evidence for each milestone review.
04 MEET Appendix C_Std IVV Language Standard language for states to include in their IV&V Requests for Proposal (RFPs)/contracts/contract modifications.
05 MEET Appendix D_E and E IVV Progress Report Template The template that IV&V contractors use to report the state’s progress. CMS also uses this template to respond to IV&V findings and note any concerns after milestone reviews.
06 MEET Appendix E_E and E ConOps Template This template is included as a courtesy to states. A state can use it to create its E&E Concept of Operations.
07 MEET Appendix F_ MITA e Self Assessment Scorecard An Excel workbook that states can be used to perform MITA self-assessments.
08 MEET Appendix G_PPU Template Project Partnership Understanding Template used during the first activity to document decisions made between the state and CMS.
09 Eligibility and Enrollment Checklist Set The complete set of evaluation criteria and critical success factors.