MECT 2.2

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Updates in MECT 2.2 include, but are not limited to:

The five core checklists—Information Architecture, Standards and Conditions (S&C) for Medicaid IT, Technical Architecture (TA) Access & Delivery (A&D), TA Intermediary & Interface (I&I), and TA Integration & Utility (I&U)—have been streamlined, and guidance for providing evidence for each type of milestone review has been added. A Project Partnership Understanding (PPU) is completed between the state and CMS early in the life cycle. The Unified RFP Guide is included. MMIS IV&V Certification Progress Reports are to be submitted to the MMIS certification email address as well as to the Regional Office, and only reports submitted in preparation for a milestone review need to have checklists attached. The MMIS IV&V Certification Progress Report template is now an Excel workbook. The Project Initiation and Operational Milestone reviews generally consist of CMS reviewing and commenting on the MMIS IV&V Certification Progress Report. Site or virtual visits are not required unless CMS deems them necessary. Clarification has been added about what the state must send to CMS before milestone reviews can be scheduled. Guidance has been included about the preferred methods for providing evidence to CMS to comply with HIPAA. The toolkit was last updated July 31, 2017.