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This page is always a work in progress. When questions are submitted, answers will appear here for every ReadyCert user. User:Barbara is in charge of questions and responses, contact: bcardone@ehr-llc.com

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What is ReadyCert?

ReadyCert was developed to answer the call from Medicaid Agencies and vendors for a MITA-aligned tool for the Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) world Medicaid lives in today.

What is the current version of ReadyCert?

ReadyCert 4.0 called ReadyCert extreme (RCX) is currently available and current customer are in conversion from the 3.2.4 version.

We use SharePoint as our document repository. Do I need the ReadyCert repository?

The ReadyCert repository is not a document work zone like SharePoint with document versioning and should not be used as such. Artifacts uploaded into the ReadyCert repository are the final and official documents that support the defined CMS activity.

What kind of user security does ReadyCert have?

ReadyCert employs a system of security roles and profiles for system access. User security in ReadyCert can be controlled to a very granular level by our Librarian. User security permissions can be set for each individual page in the application, giving a user read or write permission, or denying them access altogether.

Does ReadyCert have a limit to the number Projects that can be assessed.

The ReadyCert license does not limit the number of types or project for your Enterprise. Each project is independent so a state can have their SS-A update and numerous certifications projects go on at the same time.

What is the charge for a per seat license?

The ReadyCert license does not limit the number of seats for a state or CMS users.

What are the system requirements for ReadyCert? Can EHR host our ReadyCert?

ReadyCert is hosted on Microsoft Azure Government geo-redundant servers, therefore no adaptation is required. ReadyCert is on a tethered cloud and delivered via the web and is browser and device independent. ReadyCert is designed to work with all major internet browsers and requires no special browser settings or plugin to work. Users do not need to maintain a specific browser version.

Do you have uptime statistics for ReadyCert?

MS Azure Government allows EHR to deploy and manage ReadyCert across a backbone of Microsoft datacenters in the United States, geographically dispersed to achieve a 99.95% uptime for ReadyCert in this environment.

We are a vendor. Can we use ReadyCert?

We already have vendor clients who use ReadyCert as their “single source” of truth. They use ReadyCert date to:

  • Develop marketing collateral for state prospects and clients;
  • Simplify and reduce proposal response efforts;
  • Meet MECL installation and Certification requirements;
  • Report MITA maturity to State clients for their State Self-Assessments (SS-A);
  • Track internal product improvements; and
  • Prepare for CMS Module/Solution Pre-certification.

State Self Assessment

What kind of artifacts do we need for a State Self-Assessment or module certification?

Artifacts can include graphics, manuals, screen shots and can be uploaded during the SS-A Project, during each of the gate reviews and for any activity in MECL. Large documents like Department Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Manuals can be loaded into the ReadyCert Repository one-time and then linked for any applicable Business Area or BPMs with a specific page reference.

Our state completed an MITA 3.0 SS-A in 2015. Can we enter it into ReadyCert to use for our SS-A update?

ReadyCert has a function to load any assessment and the associated historic artifact evidence.

How do we complete our future annual SS-As using ReadyCert?

Using ReadyCert is the answer to future annual updates. Rather than waiting to do another SS-A and update process annually, if ReadyCert is maintained to track MITA maturity change over time then your SS-A is always up-to-date.

ReadyCert Operations and Configuration

What is the role of the ReadyCert Librarian?

The ReadyCert Librarian is responsible for maintaining system security profiles and granting system access following installation. A Business Analyst can fulfill the ReadyCert Librarian role. The Business Analyst would be responsible for maintaining system configuration, library artifact access and will be the contact person with EHR for scheduled system maintenance, updates and training.

How involved is it to configure ReadyCert?

In most cases, we can configure a Project in 1 or 2 business days. User testing can commence as soon as the configuration settings have been applied.

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