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The MITA 3.0 Framework consists of several volumes of information[1] :

  • MITA 3.0 Front Matter
  • MITA 3.0 Part 1
  • MITA 3.0 Part 2
  • MITA 3.0 Part 3
  • State Self Assessment
  • MITA 3.0 BPT Vault
  • MITA 3.0 BCM Vault

It is the ambition of this section of the Wiki to transpose, verbatim, the 3.0 version of the framework, thus achieving a quick reference guide for the MITA 3.0 Framework. This category will remain hidden until the framework has been completely archived here.


Each PDF file contained in the framework will warrant one page in the Wiki. Each PDF file, regardless of what it contains (usually just text and images) will then be cross referenced and linked up with the other pages in the Wiki. When one file references another file, or section within a file, is an example of how this cross referencing will work.


Click the arrows to expand the tree [2]


  1. Download link for the entire MITA 3.0 Framework:
  2. Note that BCMs are not included in the transcription, since they are inside ReadyCert already as part of the user interface.


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