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This page contains notes about version updates for ReadyCert.

Version 2.0

Enhancements & Bug-Fix

2.0 Feature Updates

Version 1.3.2

Enhancements & Bug-fix Patch

  • There are new reports being released in this patch.
  • There are small changes to the deployment processes.
  • Rich Text is once again enabled in reporting.
  • Typing lag bugs inside Internet Explorer have been inexorably dealt with.

Version 1.3.1

Feature Updates & Enhancements

  • The Seven Conditions and Standards may now be scored and reported on at the Business Area level.
  • There is a new Seven Conditions Scorecard report.

Bug Fixes

  • Artifact attachment box has been re-sized for optimum viewing capability

Version 1.3

Feature Updates & Enhancements

  • A new feature has been added to the artifact library. When viewing an artifact, a new informational pane has been added showing all MITA and MECT points that the document has been attached to system-wide.
  • The artifact library will now scroll down forever instead of creating pages for every 10 artifacts.
  • There is a new "ribbon-style" updated interface for ReadyCert's text editor.
  • There are now expand-all and collapse-all buttons available in the MITA Navigator.
  • The ReadyCert Message system has been upgraded so that when sending a message the user can now click multiple check boxes to select multiple recipients.
  • The MECT button now has a toggle to show either the full CMS MECT OR to show only those MECT that have been selected and attached to items in the MITA framework.
  • The Web Reports that had been created and had been in a beta status are now considered finished, several more web reports are in development and will be added in the next release.
  • ReadyCert's security database has been upgraded in preparation to implement configurable roles inside the software.

Version 1.2

  • Only general bug-fix and error correction was deployed with this release. Several major feature updates have been rolled out to beta and will be implemented in a future update.

Version 1.1

Feature Updates & Enhancements

  • New Search Feature: Searches throughout ReadyCert now include description fields.
  • The ReadyCert Help button will now, instead of opening up the wiki, take you directly to the page on the wiki that directly corresponds with the page in ReadyCert you are on.
  • New Message Board Feature: Users can now archive messages found on the ReadyCert Message Board.
  • New permissions feature: Non-managers now cannot unlink system components in the vendor response module of ReadyCert once the response to the SRC has been closed and locked.
  • New Search Filter Feature: Users can now create custom filters during searches. Click the Create Filter button. Arrange the search filter in the way you would like, and click OK. EHR has included an incredible amount of options in the new Filter feature. Be sure to explore them all!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an artifact library bug that would prevent users from attaching items that have been searched for.
  • Fixed a bug regarding references attached to MITA and MECT solution pages.
  • Found an incompatibility with Google Chrome regarding the Project Management function, adding issues.
  • Fixed an issue with clicking on Evaluation assignments that do not have any responses to it; now an error message will appear if an evaluation assignment is clicked if no responses are attached.
  • Fixed an issue regarding search boxes; Previously if the return key was pressed during the search, it would open up a new artifact box. Now it will initiate a search, properly.
  • Fixed a bug regarding vendor imports to the State Module.
  • Fixed a bug when clicking a + expansion in the Vendor Module, on the administration menu.
  • Fixed a bug where plaintext data exports were wrapped in code.
  • Fixed a bug in the calendar.

Version 1.0

The initial release of ReadyCert, a full featured piece of software that simplifies MITA activities, including the SS-A, APD, and the Six CMS Milestones. Read more about the use-case scenarios for ReadyCert:

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